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Anonymous asked: we literally just kept going for a solid 40 minutes. usually people get tired of sex after some time, but we just couldn't have it end. we still talk about that to this day because it was, hands down, no questions asked, the best sex either of us have ever had. i still get wet and horny whenever i think about it

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Anonymous asked: eventually i squirted (for the first time ever), but neither of us were done. he commented on it, but we just kept going. i starting pushing myself into him because his dick just felt so good and i wanted it, harder, faster, and rougher. he just kept going and giving me everything i wanted until we both had just reached a whole other level. all my body could feel was his dick rubbing inside my drenched pussy. nothing else in the world existed in that moment [pt 3]


Anonymous asked: we started fucking in the spooning position, but i wanted his dick further inside of me, so i had to reposition myself into a modified doggy style so i could feel his dick deeper inside of me. he started fucking me harder and faster. i couldnt even keep my eyes open because i was getting dizzy as my entire body started to focus on the pleasure he was giving me. we didnt even do anything crazy, no choking, no toys, nothing... just constant thrusting [pt 2]